Tuesday, July 8, 2003

8 July 2003 – 7:58 PM GMT+2

Here I am with Greg in the Austria Hotel, at the top of a sizable hill. Greg is playing Golden Sun: The Lost Ages. This means I am not, and this makes me sad.

The remainder of our flight gave me two reasons to love Lufthansa—the phrase "NO PORK" was printed on the packets of entrées, and they had metal Lufthansa sporks!! We got into the Athens airport, and it was not until about 15 minutes ago that I realized that it too was new. Definitely less classy than Munich. We took the bus to the train to the hill to the upness and checked-in.

After a bit of lazing we went downhill and ate at some sort of Italian place…Diva? We thoroughly exhausted Theresa's patience for translation, and after a slight Four Cheese-Four Seasons mix-up, had a delicious meal. Greg and I returned to the hotel, while the others went off to the Plaka or something. On the way back we bought some soda (four Fantas and a Sprite!) and, walking up the hill, I got my first quote of the trip.

Greg: "That Peugeot looks kinda like the Matrix."
Me: "That…Peugeot…looks kinda like…the Matrix?"
Greg: "You obviously must not know what the Matrix is."

P.S.: Weather word for 7/7: STEAM ROOM