Friday, July 11, 2003

11 July 2003 – 7:41 AM GMT+2

So yesterday. We'll get to the aforementioned "crisis" shortly.

The day started with us getting up and eating breakfast and the like. We then headed out basically the same way we did the day before, in search for dinner—over the Acropolis. Our destination? The ancient Agora. We got there and discovered that Socrates, Plato, and St. Paul were there to greet us! (See relevant picture.)*

There was a quite nice reconstructed stoa on the side of the Agora, and on the other side, atop a hill, a fairly well-preserved Temple to Asbestos—em, Hephaestus. The rest of the place was basically ruined ruins; old, yes, but not very compelling.

We gotta go. More later. And I was watching Thundercats in Greek, too!

*Editor's footnote: I don't know what picture I was referring to. Presumably one that Dad took.