Tuesday, July 15, 2003

15 July 2003 – 3:28 PM GMT+2

Aside: Greek Roads And That Which Concerns Greek Roads

I figured that, being in an airport, it would be just as good a time as any to talk about the state of Greek roads. Also, Greg's GBA:SP died, so I can't play any Golden Sun: Tomb of the Haunted. Oh well. It's not like Greg's been playing EVERY SECOND OF THE TRIP and decided to let me play right AS THE BATTERIES WERE DYING. [☺—ed.] Who's ed? Geez, didn't even capitalize right.*

Anyway; first, Greek construction. Lot of it. No freakin' way it'll all be done for the 2004 Olympic Games™ in Athens. They're building a bunch of tunnels on the mostly-divided highway from Athens to Corinth, but that is one of the least necessary road improvements they could have chosen to do. Their Athens highway is a good start—it's a beltway that ends, kind of like I-190, at the airport. But they aren't even half-finished with the basic parts and have yet to finish the spur into the city. Also, the toll booths are placed wrong—it's a disaster in the making unless the officials can work some intense magic. Although the Metro is nice.

Signage is another problem. The only time is has been comparable to the US is on the Athens Highway—elsewhere, it has been haphazard at best, misleading at worst, and most often nonexistent. None of the atlases have route names or numbers, and that makes sense, because, for all I know, almost no roads have any. You have to work by cutoffs, but that's doesn't work in an urban area. Plus, they have many more fallen signs than America, which'd be great, except for customs. Anyway, that's it for now.

*Editor's note: This is, in fact, from the original text.