Tuesday, July 8, 2003

8 July 2003 – 4:30 AM GMT-5

So I woke up early this morning for no apparent reason. Upon waking up, I stumbled downstairs and played some Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I got the fire arrows! So I basically sat around the entire morning, until Mom kindly reminded us that we had better get our asses out the door and over to the food court for lunch. So we did that (I ate at the delicious Cajun Big Easy) and went back to the house, where I proceeded to gather my things. A few minutes later, we were out the door to Aunt Lori's, where she took the wheel and dropped us at O'Hare.

Check-in…security…gate…wait. Standard airport procedure. I played Golden Sun: The Legend Continues while most of the family "read" "books". Nerds! We boarded and took off for an eight-hour nap punctuated by some light eating and video gaming; pleasant with the exception of Agent Cody Banks. But this was compensated for courtesy of an episode of Darkwing Duck about a villainous plant's plan to make money grow on trees…and more!

So we landed and entered Munich's fantabulous new Ratner Terminal—erm, Terminal 2. I took a picture of the gym-like architecture as well as a Lufthansa Smart car. We wandered a bit both pre- and post-customs, looking at the abundance of glass as well as numerous holes in the ceiling, plates of glass waiting to be installed, and wires hanging from the ceiling. Apparently it opened June 27th, which means July 27th is the projected completion date. We also patronized the nice new shops: Greg bought a PC Gamer, and I searched, with no success, for a map of Greece. I did find "Atlanta" and "Vietnam".

So I played more of Golden Sun: The Saga Part II, while Greg slept on the chairs at the gate, as did Teeps, after sampling Lufthansa's fine array of free coffee and tea. We boarded for Athens, and what, what do I notice on board? Oh, wonders! One of the flight attendants' names on her name tag: S. Lax! The S is for Sandra, apparently, but still. This bodes well. Anyway, off for more Golden Sun: Elements of Power, now that the "fasten seat belt" sign is no longer illuminated.