Monday, July 14, 2003

14 July 2003 – 12:56 PM GMT+2

So we wake up in Nafplion and Mom is pissed. Apparently at about midnight they turned off the A/C, which really pissed Mom off. She called down and they said that someone complained that the place was too cold, so they shut the A/C off. Mom thinks this was a blatant lie, and they said they'd turn it on. They did for a few minutes. So Mom, as I said, was quite pissed.

We got up, ate breakfast, and drove from Nafplion through Tripoli to Silimna to Evan's aunt's place. They were kind of surprised and perplexed by the green car coming up their driveway—they thought at first that Dad was one of their friends, then they realized it wasn't and thought we were lost, then saw Mom and saw the resemblance to Helen and realized knew who we were. They welcomed us in, gave us water and some sweet cherries that apparently Evan had a hand in picking, and implored us to sit. They showed us some pictures (and drawings that Bone and company did during their stay), and we showed them some. Their house was extremely nice—I enjoyed their (most likely) locally-made windows, the wonderfully furnished interior, and the well-maintained exterior. Quite a nice place to live. Evan's birthplace, across the "driveway", was crumbling, but intact, on the whole. A thoroughly worthwhile detour.

We left them and head back to Tripoli, but took a wrong turn and got to drive through the Tripolitean market. Fruit galore! Plus, there was a Yiayia wearing a Duke hat, which pleased Theresa quite a bit. The drive from Tripoli to Sparta was a decently curved somewhat smallish road, much like many of the roads in Greece so far. The drive was uneventful. Now I shall interrupt this tale for a lunch at Goody's.