Thursday, July 17, 2003

17 July 2003 – Noon GMT+2

At Sparta we stopped at a five-story Goody's for lunch. There I had this chicken sandwich that consisted mainly of four nuggets on some French bread with some vegetables. Not the tastiest, but it was food. We ate outside, and Mom got in a huff because she accidentally ordered two veggie sandwiches instead of one—oh, the horrors! We munched and then went on our way.

We decided to stop by this temple of Apollo en route to Olympia, and in the process, took some of the small roads that we had been occasioning this trip. These roads are quite fun, as they make Mom go completely bonkers. She grips the well-placed handle on the back of my seat and holds on for dear life while Dad winds his way at fairly high speeds up and down small, poorly-signed mountain roads. Very entertaining indeed—except, of course, when she screams at the top of her lungs and goes nutso factorial.

We arrived at the Temple of Apollo at Bassae and were amazed—at the large tent. It is quite a nice tent, but what was under the tent was a mystery, as Mom, Dad, and Teeps had to go to the bathroom before we entered the tent. During this time Greg kept on calling my Evilor (pronounced Ee-vlör) so I gave him the alter-ego Kramden, conjuring up images of grizzled detectives confronting the criminal element in an abandoned warehouse, a dimly-lit parking lot, or high atop a skyscraper bathed in spotlights. Of course, Kramden always defeats Evilor by pushing him from some high precipice (or some manner of tall location), prompting Evilor to cry out, "Kramden! Nooooooo!" or perhaps "I'll get you next time, Kraaaaamden".

After the bathroom expedition had returned, we entered the tent. Inside was an extremely complete temple. I was quite impressed—there were columns, all of them (although some of them had been moved to an alternate concrete base while restorers worked on the foundation), there were inside walls, there were outside walls, there were friezes, there were all sorts of things. Altogether a worthwhile experience and a wonderful detour—and the tent shaded us from the sun! Of course, sadly, as with most things in Greece, the carved decorative portions had been trucked off to England way back when.

After this, we headed to our hotel in Olympia.